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VidMate is a free video downloader. It supports YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter and other websites to convert video to mp3. At the same time, you can download mp3 files by searching for song keywords. Welcome to the official VidMate 4G/5G App download page.

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VidMate Official App & APK All Versions Download for Free

VidMate 2014 was the first version of the app and it was very popular. It allowed users to download videos from various websites and convert them into MP4 format. VidMate 2015 was even more popular than the first version. It added support for more websites and allowed users to download videos in HD quality. VidMate 2016 was a major update that brought a lot of new features and improvements. It added support for more websites, improved video quality, and fixed many bugs. VidMate 2017 was another major update that added support for even more websites and improved video quality even further. It also fixed many bugs and introduced new features like video playback speed control and video download management.


VidMate 2018 was a minor update that fixed some bugs and introduced new features like video search and video player customization. VidMate 2019 was another major update that added support for more websites, improved video quality, introduced a new dark theme, and fixed many bugs. VidMate 2020, Vidmate 2021, Vidmate 2022 add support for more websites, improves video quality, introduces a new dark theme, and fixes many bugs. Now Vidmate 2023 is coming. You can come to use the latest version!

VidMate 2023 Video Downloader Features

All supported
Mp3 supported
Fast download
Video Player
Offline Share

VidMate App 2023 is a professional video downloader that supports video conversion to mp3 from 6 video hosting websites. In the VideMate app, you can easily switch to video websites, and click to download, all of which can be easily obtained to Mp3 files of different qualities.


VidMate App 2023 is also an excellent music downloader. You can search the song/artist name you need to download in the VidMate app, and you can easily download any paid song in the search result. In VidMate App 2023 you can download any song for free.


When using VidMate App 2023, you can choose different qualities to download, and its download speed often only takes a few seconds. After finish downloading, you can play it on VidMate App. VidMate is also the best music/video downloader. You can also share downloaded music with your friends without network.

VidMate Video Download Supported Sites

VidMate App supports multi-channel video conversion to mp3 such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Twitter, etc. 6 channels of music conversion can be included in VidMate. In order to improve the user's download experience, we have integrated 6 music platforms with the VidMate App. You can easily view videos from different platforms by clicking the button, and you can click the download button on the viewing page to get the Mp3 file. All the music downloaded in the VidMate App, you can listen to it without data flow, and you can share it with your friends, come and experience it!

About VidMate App

VidMate App is a tool for users to convert their favorite videos into mp3. Over the years, VidMate App has helped many users. Users often download our APKs by searching for VidMate 2012, VidMate 2015, VidMate 2019, VidMate 2020, VidMate 202As our version is constantly updated, we welcome the latest VidMate 202And it supports VidMate 4G and 5G. Here you can download original VidMate, each version represents our continuous efforts.


At present, VidMate supports music keyword search and download, and realizes online playback. You can find all downloaded songs in the VidMate folder, which is another new music milestone for VidMate. I hope VidMate can bring you more help, and I hope VidMate can be shared with more friends.

VidMate FAQ

1What is VidMate URL?
VidMate URL is:
2How to download VidMate App?
VidMate App can be downloaded on VidMate official page.
3Does VidMate download mp3 for free?
Yes, VidMate supports YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter and other websites to convert video to mp3 for free.
4How to use VidMate?
Download and install VidMate, you can search for any mp3 you need in VidMate, find the target music and download it.
5Will VidMate be safe?
VidMate is completely free and safe, mp3 downloaded through VidMate is 100% usable.

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